Over the last few years IRLOGI has established a network of contacts in Africa. We help interested GI persons from Ireland to spend a period of time in a leading African GI organisation which deals with a wide range of exciting GI issues in a developing country context.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to use your skills, experience and commitment to make a difference.
To greatly enhance the IRLOGI International Outreach Programme, IRLOGI will make a modest financial contribution to help towards meeting some of the financial costs for a volunteer.


Who could apply?
• Anyone who has skills in GI/GIS and related ICT fields.
• Persons who wish to make a contribution in a developing nation context.

Where would you work?

Volunteers would be placed at CERSGIS, the Centre for Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Services, at the University of Ghana in Accra. CERSGIS started as the Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory in 1990 and in 2000 change its name to CERSGIS with a focus on providing GI and remote sensing services for sustainable development and management of resources.
How long would you be with the Centre?
The shortest length of stay at the Centre is two months. Ideally the CERSGIS would wish suitable people to stay for 3 months or longer.
If the volunteer turns out to be unsuitable then at the sole discretion of the CERSGIS the period with the organisation may be terminated. The volunteer may also terminate the period by giving at least 2 weeks notice to the Director of the CERSGIS, unless an emergency situation arises in which case the termination could be by mutual agreement on the basis of shorter notice.
What would you do?
The work to be done is dependent on the Centre’s needs at the time and the skills, experience and wishes of the volunteer. Some of the activities in which a volunteer could become involved include:
• Training of people in geoinformation matters, developing training material;
• Supporting remote sensing projects;
• Implementation of GIS mapping projects;
• Research and development.

Where would you stay?

CERSGIS would assist with finding suitable accommodation in Accra and generally helping you to settle in. There is an option to say on the University campus.
Money matters
IRLOGI will fund the suitable volunteer’s expenses up to a maximum of €500. It is estimated that the costs involved would be about €650 for return travel, €200 for accommodation on campus per month and about €750 for normal living costs per month. Thus, a two month stay would cost approximately €2550 excluding other costs, while a three month stay would cost approximately €3500. The volunteer would thus need to contribute approximately €2000 or €3000 depending on length of stay. These cost estimates are subject to final confirmation.
It is appropriate to note that IRLOGI is currently looking for corporate sponsors so depending on the response from sponsors the amount to be provided by the volunteer could be somewhat less than the numbers mentioned above.
Apart from general obligations to contribute enthusiastically and diligently and to abide by the CERSGIS practices and rules, the volunteer would be expected to:
• Provide regular material (text, images) while at CERSGIS which IRLOGI can place on its web site and publicise through its social media;
• Within two months of returning to Ireland produce a brief report for IRLOGI on their stay;
• If IRLOGI secures support funding from private companies the volunteer would be expected to contribute towards marketing material which they may wish to produce;
• Present at the annual IRLOGI conference in October 2017;
• Keep IRLOGI updated on the period of stay at the CERSGIS and any other relevant information concerning the placement.


If you are interested in applying please provide a brief CV and supporting text of up to 500 words indicating why you would like to take up this offer. This documentation should be sent to Fiona Brown, IRLOGI General Manager at
If there is more than one suitable applicant, a Review Panel will adjudicate and/or there will be a selection by interview. All decisions of the Review Panel would be final and confidential.
IRLOGI may wish to interview prospective volunteers prior to final selection.
If all goes well and you are selected then the details of your placement would be worked out with CERSGIS directly.


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