Webinar – UN GGIM Fundamental Geospatial Datasets



Date – 16th August 2017

Time – 13:00 Irish time

Host – Clare Hadley (Ordnance Survey GB)


Clare will provide background regarding the UN Global Geospatial Information Management initiative and the work done to identify fundamental geospatial datasets. Clare has been one of the co-authors of the report to the UN GGIM on identifying the fundamental datasets.

What is a ‘fundamental geospatial dataset?, what are the approaches which were used to identify such datasets?, what datasets are on the current list?, how do they related to the Sustainable Development Goals?, are some of the questions which she will address. Clare will also provide an update of developments at the 7th meeting of the UN GGIM Committee of Experts to be held at New York the week before the webinar.

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