AGI Annual Conference GeoCom17

AGI GeoCom Conference

As the Annual Conference of the Association for Geographic Information, ‘GeoCom’ naturally brings together many like-minded individuals. It’s also the event at which some of the most relevant speakers and policy-makers of our time take to the stage.

This year, on 26th October, speakers will include Mark Bew MBE, Chair of the UK’s Digital Built Britain programme; Dr. Helen Ferrier, Head of Policy at NFU; Tom Smith, MD of the Office of National Statistics Data Campus, and Charlotte Jee, the Editor of Techworld. The theme will be ‘Smart Geospatial’ – looking at the ways in which location intelligence is taking a formative position in the management of data, development of ‘smart policies’, and advancement of geospatial technology.

GeoCom takes place at the RGS, in Kensington, London. It brings people together so that anyone who’s working with geospatial, or interested in it, can get a feel for what’s coming up in the industry; the ways in which the industry may need to change; what people and businesses should prepare for, and how best they can advance the use of geospatial information in every sector.

It’s also the AGI’s springboard each year for advocacy: we regroup and get to focus on our own potential for the year to come. We look for leading lights from our own arena to share their thoughts in ‘Lightning Talks’ – and we positively encourage anyone who is curious but not currently working in geospatial to also come along.

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