Innovative Use of Spatial Data and Technologies in Irish Local Authorities

The 10th Irish Organisation for Geographic Information (IRLOGI) monthly webinar focussed on innovative GI practices by four Irish County Councils (CoCos). The presenters were:

  • Barry Doyle from Roscommon Co Co who gave a high-level overview of GIS in Irish local Authorities and how it has evolved especially over the last 10 years;
  • Daragh McDonough from Donegal Co Co spoke about using GIS as tool to efficiently communicate with the public during the Winter Maintenance Programme 2017-18;
  • Jon Hawkins from Waterford Co Co who spoke on how they are improving business processes using FME; and
  • Stephen McLoughlin from South Dublin Co Co who spoke about how the Council have managed to prioritise locations in the County using maps and apps for the treatment of Invasive Species.

This webinar provides a great opportunity to see the application of spatial data and technologies in innovative ways that deliver value to the Councils and their customers. The webinar should be of relevance to all Irish local authorities and possibly to authorities in other jurisdictions as well.

The link to the recording of the webinar can be found at

The past nine IRLOGI webinars can be seen at These webinars cover a range of topics, including;

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Finally, our thanks to GeoDirectory for providing the GoToMeeting facility which enabled the webinar to take place.

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