IRLOGI Webinar, 30th April, 13:00 – Security & Privacy – Should GI Professionals worry about them?


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Dr Costis Toregas will present the 11th IRLOGI webinar with the twin aims of raising awareness of the risks in cyber security and privacy infringements within the Geographic Information discipline, and encouraging linkages across various disciplines that can develop practical and shareable solutions to cyber security and privacy challenges. 


The daily stream of cyber attacks and data exposures (Facebook being the latest example) and the challenges of complex national and international privacy mandates such as GDPR has raised the awareness of the importance of cyber security.  However, scientists and professionals in specific disciplines such as GI are not necessarily aware of the potential disruptions that cyber attacks can bring in their own work sphere, assuming that there is no real interest in attacking GI data, nor that there can be significant negative outcomes.  Of course both assumptions are very wrong.   


The most recent GEO XIV discussions on data sharing strategies for geographic systems revealed both an opportunity to improve knowledge, but also a weakness in security preparations.  The Belmont Forum has established a Cyber Security Advisory Board to explicitly prepare for cyber security challenges in complex, international collaborative projects that are data intensive.  Simple recommendations arising from the Advisory Board work will be referenced in Costis’ presentation. 



Dr.Costis Toregas 

Dr. Toregas is Director of George Washington University’s Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute (CSPRI), and also Treasurer and Board Member of Ecocity Builders.  He developed and led Public Technology Inc., the innovation network for local governments in the US for over thirty years, and assisted in the creation and early guidance of several global city networks including IULA/UCLG and ICLEI.  He supported the Eye on Earth network, coordinating several Special Initiatives and contributing to the planning and execution of the two global EoE Summits in 2011 and 2015.  He is a member of the Belmont Forum Cyber Security Advisory Board.  He holds PhD, MSc and BSc degrees in Environmental Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. 



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