IRLOGI JULY 2018 WEBINAR: Semantics & Geography

IRLOGI July 2018


“Semantics and Geography: Some Key Challenges in a Changing Technological Environment “

by GAIL HODGE, Senior Information Scientist at Information International Associates, USA

IRLOGI July 2018

The 2018 July monthly IRLOGI webinar took place on 31 July.  To view a recording of the webinar, click here.

The meaning of and interrelationship between words and concepts is currently one of the key fields of research and development in the rapidly evolving ICT environment in which we live.

‘Nearby’, ‘road’, ‘bridge’, ‘Dublin’, ‘region’, ‘next to’, ‘metropolitan’, ‘zone’, ‘cadastral’ and many other words with a strong location aspect can each be interpreted in numerous ways, with very different practical implications associated with the various ways.

Gail will outline current semantic tools, highlight key current challenges and discuss important outstanding research issues.  She will deal with semantics issues in a general manner but will give a particular location/spatial/geographic/place/area/scene/etc (sic!) slant to her presentation. More specifically, she will deal with the issues of semantic tool integration and development in an area which is its own domain but also a support to many others.

The webinar will be of interest not only to Irish persons involved with geographic information matters but also to others within the wider ICT field.

Gail is Senior Information Scientist at Information International Associates. She has been working in the area of semantics and terminologies for the environment and other scientific areas for more than 35 years. Gail and her team have developed the USA EPA Enterprise Vocabulary and for more than 10 years have provided metadata and terminology tool support to the US Environmental Protection Agency. She is currently working with the USA EPA’s Office of the Science Advisor on an agency-wide strategy for managing terminology for human health risk assessments.  Recently, Gail and her co-principal investigator, Dr. Denise Bedford, completed an assessment of the Transportation Research Thesaurus for the USA National Transportation Research Board of the National Academies of Science, Medicine and Engineering.

To view a recording of the webinar please click on the link set out below

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