Arsim Shillova

UK lead for Partnership and Industry Relations, AIRBUS


Register here for the webinar on 27 September 2018 starting at 13:00 Irish time.


Airbus is a major player in the Earth Observation domain with a range of satellite sourced products. However, they are now actively seeking collaboration/partnership agreements with persons or organisations to test new innovative ideas for the use of their products and the integration of their products and technologies with other third party data and technologies.  This relatively new move by Airbus into this ‘partnership space’ opens interesting and potentially profitable opportunities for individuals, small, medium and larger businesses and the public sector to develop new business opportunities or to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Airbus1 Airbus2

Arsim’s presentation will:

  • highlight the Airbus products which are available;
  • describe some of the neural network-based feature extraction work which Airbus is undertaking;
  • mention the innovation challenges which Airbus is conducting;
  • outline the partnership arrangements which are possible within the new Airbus approach.


Arsim Shillova is a specialist business improvement and capture management professional, whose progressive global career has been based upon a platform of knowledge and success, working with major private and public sector clients.  Further information about Arsim can be found on LinkedIn at


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