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The IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2014 will be held on Wednesday evening, October 15th in the Chartered Institute, Dublin.

Entry to the Awards is FREE and we are now open for submissions for projects that have taken place over the last 12-18 months, whether it’s a new project or a major enhancement of an existing project. The IRLOGI Awards have been revised significantly from previous years, and now has a new name, new categories and a revised application form and sponsorship packages.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Best use of Location Based Application for Mobile or Tablet


Take a location, throw it into an App platform and let’s see where we end up!  We want to see how Location has been used in Apps to grow awareness, develop a business or create a new business model. Whether it is consumer, business or in a gaming world if it’s an App with Location information this is the category for you..

Winner: Infomar – Education Outreach Development Programme (Esri Ireland)

Runner Up: CarSafari – Carsafari.ie


  1. Best use of Location Based information on the Web


Ever wanted a simpler life? Well this award recognises any company or individual, who has developed an innovative web application that uses geographic information via a website that does just that. Whether the web  service is aimed at optimising internal resources, processes, or external facing to deliver smart solutions. If your web service has made life easier. this is the category for you.

Winner: Galway County Council – Self Service Pre Planning for County Galway

Runner Up: EPA – Splash!


  1. Best Application of GIS Desktop Software


For users customising their desktop applications to get the most out of their software, or utilising their desktop app in an innovative way and to maximum extent, this award is for you! Particular focus of this award is for innovation and return on investment.

Winner: Roscommon County Council – Roscommon Map Toolset

Runner Up: n/a


  1. Most Innovative use of Geographic Information or Location Based Content


This award recognises innovation in the use of any available geography related content. For example have you used geographic information or location based data or services to deliver a really innovative solution for your organisation or to meet public needs? This can be something already covered in the other categories or be something entirely different we are looking for new and interesting ways of using location in business.

Winner: Clare Local Development Officer – Streetview for Clare Trails

Runner Up: EPA – EPA Landcover mapping and Corine 2012 update


  1. Most Innovative use of Technical Infrastructure in a GI Solution


This award is targeted at those customers who have taken an innovative approach to the technical infrastructure involved in their GI solution, be it local or cloud-based, using commercial or open source technology to deliver cost-effective but great solutions.

Winner: EPA EDEN – Environmental Data Exchange Network

Runner Up: n/a


  1. Best Open Systems Project using Location Based Data or Geographic Information


For users developing location-based data, solutions or apps, using open source systems, software or data, submit your project in this category to be awarded best in your field!

Winner: Mountainviews.ie – MountainViews hillwalkers information V2

Runner Up: n/a


  1. Best GI Application in the Public Sector


Local Authorities represent one of the biggest groups of users, developers, distributors and managers of data, services & software relating to geographic information. If you have developed a really great application this year, be it mobile, web or desktop, then submit in this category to be rewarded for your innovation, dedication and hard work.

Winner: EPA – EPA Geoportal

Runner Up: Donegal CoCo – SPACEial NW (Spatial Planning & Collaborative Exchange of Information & Learning in the North West Region)


We are delighted to announce the judges for the IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2014:

Please see links below for details on how to enter and how to sponsor.

How to Enter IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2014

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Thank you to our sponsors and the judges for their role in a successful 5th Awards Ceremony.

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