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Our members represent the key decision-makers across the nation. We represent some of the most innovative professionals, working with some of the most powerful technology. solve some of the key. Together, we help to better understand and solve some of the most important environmental, social and economic challenges which the nation faces.

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The Irish Organisation for Geographic Information (IRLOGI) is the umbrella organisation for the geographical information industry in Ireland.

  1. Access to leading figures in the Irish Geo industry.

  2. Networking opportunities for you and your colleagues.

  3. Sharing of industry insights and knowledge.

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Membership types include the following tiers:

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The following are the current members of the Irish IRLOGI GI community.

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EUROGI is the European umbrella organization for Geographic Information. Established in 1994, EUROGI represents the needs of all organizations in Europe who use “G.I.”

EUROGI’s Vision:

Geographic Information with all its aspects should become a fully integrated component of the European knowledge-based society.

EUROGI’s Mission Statement:

In order to ensure good governance, economic and social development, environmental protection and sustainability, and informed public participation, the mission is to maximise the availability, effective use and exploitation of GI (geographic information) throughout Europe. This requires EUROGI to stimulate, encourage and support the development and effective use of GI and relevant technologies and policies, and to act as channel of the voice for the European GI community, private and public sectors alike.

On 7 December EUROGI, the European Umbrella Organisation for Geographic Information, held a whole day Members Meeting at which the focus was on underground infrastructure. IRLOGI was represented at the Members Day by our President, Bruce McCormack, who regarded the Day as being most informative with initiatives in other European countries being shown which may well provide a way forward for Ireland.

The presentations and an overview of the day can be found at eurogi.org/activities/events/emm2_2017/

To learn more about EUROGI click here.

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Bruce McCormick, IRLOGI President

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