IRLOGI Space & Place Awards

The IRLOGI Space & Place Awards are held annually and aim to give independent recognition of great work and best practice in the field of Geographic Information and Location-Based Services & Technology for both you and your organisation. This recognition will help you and your organisation stand out from the crowd and enhance your place internally within an organisation and externally in the GIS, Technology and wider business community.

Entry to the IRLOGI Awards is open to all organisations and individuals who have worked in the area or on projects that have GIS in their makeup. Projects may relate to the environment, demographics, transport, history, education, media, retail etc. Whether it’s analysis, information gathering, displaying or simply making it all clearer, it should be entered.

IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2015
Entry to the IRLOGI Awards 2015 is now open! Please click on links below for more information on this years awards and how to enter.

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How to Enter IRLOGI Space & Place Awards 2015
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