Space and Place Awards 2017


We are now open for submissions to IRLOGIs Space and Place Awards 2017

Who should enter? If you have a relevant project that has taken place over the last 12-18 months, whether it’s a new project or a major enhancement of an existing project, then you are more than welcome to submit an entry.
Cost: Entry to the Awards is FREE
Entry Form:
 (Please see Tips and Tricks section below)
Closing Date: The closing date for entries is Tuesday September 26th @5.30pm 2017
Contact: If you have any questions regarding the awards please email us at

Please note there are no categories at this entry stage, as they will be determined based on the entries submitted.

Tips and Tricks

To help impress the judges, here are some tips and tricks to consider when submitting your project.

  • Make sure you have outlined exactly what has been implemented.
  • Describe what you feel your project excels in, and sell the project on those points.
  • It is always a good idea to mention how many resources worked on the project.
  • Seeing is believing, so the more ways you can demonstrate what the project does, the better. Here are some ideas that will clearly demonstrate what has been implemented.
    • Architectural and/or workflow diagrams demonstrating the technical complexity of the project.
    • Screen video recording demonstrating the technology in full flow. Audio is an advantage.
    • A PowerPoint giving a quick overview of the project.
    • User instructions which showcase the best aspects of the system.
    • No inaccuracies or embellishments please.

Best of Luck!
The Awards Team

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