IRLOGI Webinars

IRLOGI webinars take place on a monthly basis, normally on the second Wednesday in each month starting at 13:00 Irish time.

To view past webinars click on the links provided below.

11th October 2017 – “State of OpenStreetMap Ireland”

The webinar was presented by Ciaran Staunton, who spoke in his private capacity, but is an Administrative Officer in Fingal County Council. Ciarán provided background information about OpenStreetMap, the state of play for Ireland and mentioned an initiative to put OSM Ireland on a sound administrative footing. He highlighted ways in which citizens can become involved in developing OSM Ireland. **Please note that there was an issue with the recording and the recording begins during Ciaran’s introduction to the webinar.

To view the webinar click here.

13th September – “GDPR and Geography”

Dara Keogh of GeoDirectory spoke about the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come in to effect in May 2018, and its implications for location data. He talked through the current legislation that is in place in regards to location data and how GDPR will change how businesses can use and store location information.

To view the webinar click here.

16th August 2017 – “UN GGIM Fundamental Geospatial Datasets and UN GGIM Committee of Experts Recent Meeting”

Clare Hadley (Ordnance Survey GB) provided some background regarding the UN Global Geospatial Information Management initiative and the work carried out to identify fundamental geospatial datasets. Clare is one of the co-authors of the report to the UN GGIM on identifying the fundamental datasets.

Clare also provided an update on noteworthy developments at the 7th meeting of the UN GGIM Committee of Experts which was held in New York from July 31st to August 4th.

To view the webinar click here.

12th July 2017 – “OGC: Current Projects; Emerging Topics”

The presenter Scott Simmons spoke regarding current projects, a number of the on-going standards initiatives with a brief mention of some interesting technical issues which are being considered. Scott discussed the possible imacts on global “big picture” issues such as climate change, sustainable cities, poverty reduction, the SDGs etc.

To view the webinar click here.

21st June 2017 – “Drones – State of Play, Trends and Geographic Information”

The presenters Jonathan Byrne and Garrett Findlay dealt with both contextual issues such as the current control environment, training and various issues. They discussed a vision of where drone technology and usage will go in the future.

The webinar was recorded in two parts due to some technical glitches on the day.

  1. To view Jonathan Byrne’s and the beginning of Garrett Findlay’s presentations click here.
  2. To view the second half of Garrett’s presentation and the Q&A click here.


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