Our Focus


1.Be the focus for the collection, exchange and dissemination of geographic information

2.Encourage the development and adoption of quality and reliability standards for GI.

3.Represent the interests of the Irish GI community nationally and internationally.

4.Encourage and support education and training in GI


In support of objectives generally:

  • Organise an annual national conference and exhibition on Geographic Information

  • Facilitate seminars and workshops on specialist areas relating to GI

  • Encourage friendship and networking in the GI community

  • Liaise with users and creators of GI and GI systems

  • Facilitate discussion and exchange of ideas in the GI community


In support of Objective 1:

  • Use the world wide web for dissemination and exchange of geographic information

  • Support and contribute to the Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure initiative.

In support of Objective 2:

  • Support the implementation of European and International GI standards.

  • Contribute towards deliberations at CEN and the ISO Technical Committee 211

    through the Irish representative on these bodies.

  • Contribute to the evolution of appropriate standards through the Irish Spatial Data Infrastructure initiative.

  • Organise events focusing on standards, in particular standards regarding such issues as metadata,

    data harmonisation and a small areas framework.

 In support of Objective 3:

  • Be represented on appropriate interest groups, e.g. ISDI

  • Lobby national and local government and large organisations at senior level to ensure that strategies

    favourable to the good development of GI in Ireland are pursued

  • Organise seminars and meetings to identify specific areas of interest to the Irish GI community

  • Represent Ireland as a member of EUROGI (European Umbrella Organisation for GI)

 In support of Objective 4:

  • Keep a healthy contact with the academic community

  • Where possible, use university GI departments to carry out research projects on behalf of IRLOGI



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